Anisha Dua
Anisha Dua

Director, CA Clinical Quality Management

Anisha Dua, MSN FNP, has worked on the Clinical Strategy and Innovation team, addressing quality improvement with Anthem, for more than 7 years. In her current role as Director, Clinical Quality Management, she provides framework for operating guidelines for clinical quality improvement. Her current accountabilities include overseeing the development of quality improvement strategies for the enterprise and/or clinical program development for population-based clinical quality measures. Anisha helps direct the development of a national quality plan and the integration of quality into the overall business process. Anisha’s experience includes evaluating industry best practices, medical research, and other resources to develop clinical programs and tools that facilitate and support quality, cost-effective, value-based care. Anisha also assures compliance with corporate QI work plans, and helps ensure that all QI activities are relevant to the needs of targeted populations and track program performance and results. She works with internal and external stakeholders across multiple departments on improving accreditation scores, addressing regulatory requirements, and implementing clinical programs to improve the health of Anthem customers. Anisha represents Anthem with external stakeholders, such as select provider group networks, quality collaborative, and coalitions, to evaluate care gaps and identify opportunities for clinical improvement.

Anisha Dua has been an RN for more than 27 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for 20 years, practicing in various roles.  She is in the process of obtaining her Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) in Spring 2022. Anisha’s experience includes practicing in clinical settings, as well as management roles in Acute Care Hospitals, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Retail Health, Ambulatory and Urgent Care Clinics.

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